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The Judgment Day 5 | the house of the dead

The Judgment Day 5 | the house of the dead
The Judgment Day 5 | the house of the dead

Vijay surprise to see Nayan and then he goes in front of him. He also looks at the branch of a tree. Then he went in awe after seeing the twig. Because of that Killer's body was lying on top of the branch. Vijay did not believe his eyes. He looked at that branch several times, but each time he saw the body of that Killer which body had burned. He started speaking to Nayan, "How can this possible. This is impossible." Saying this, Vijay looks towards the 
Devil of illusion. Who was smiling. He gets more nervous seeing his smile. After that, he took his pistol and shoots the devil of illusion, But bullet stops in the air. That soldier of dead slowly comes in front of them. Vijay keeps looking in his eyes as well as Nayan. The eyes of the devil of dead had shown both of them what was happed to that killer.

Killer going to his destination in sitting his bike. He much has to reach his destination before 11 o'clock. Now, the time was only 6 o'clock. But it's was good to reach before because he will get much time to arranged everything to kill those people. By going before he just wants to see that place of dead again to finally decide that by whom he will kill by which way. He reached his destination at 6:30 pm. He sees all the things in the dead place very carefully. He also shows the place where the car will spoil. As soon as the car spoils, he will take them to the house of the dead under the pretext of a mechanic. They had a plan that the killer will kill both of them in that house and Vijay will kill Nayan. After seeing that dead place, he went to the house of the dead by carrying petrol in his hand.

That house was very old. But the killer had cleaned that house a few days before. He hired that house by the name of Nayan. The killer entered the house and opened the window and doors for a short time so that a little air could come. The house had five windows and only one door. In front of each window had placed some things. One window had mango fruit, one had child's toys, one had water jug, one had Book and one another window had a rope. That Killer placed petrol in front of the book. He took a look at the things in the room. After some time at exactly 8 o'clock, he stands up to close the window. As he went to close the window, he saw a man coming towards the house of the dead. He became alert. He immediately went towards the door. Opened the door but he saw nothing. He went out but no one was seen far away. He was surprised that where the man disappeared. He searches that man everywhere, but the man was nowhere to be seen.

Killer had confused and after that, Killer takes his cigarette packet and takes one cigarette in his hand. At that time the light was gone. The killer sees the house and move to the house but suddenly the packet of Cigarette falls in front of the door from his hand. Then he gets down taking his cigarette packet but at that time, he had heard a noise which was coming from inside the house. He becomes alert. The dark night of the new moon was dark all around. Nothing was visible. The killer gets ready to go inside the house of the dead. As soon as he goes inside the house, the whole house turns into a forest. He gets chocked, gets nervous. He does not believe his own eyes. That's when he showed a man coming toward him. That unknowing man had something in both his hands. As the man was getting closer to him his body was clearly visible. And as soon as that man saw that Killer clearly, he gets very fear. Because he was not a man, he was a soldier of the dead who came as a ghoul. The ghoul had his own head in one hand and a sword in the other hand. Killer opened fire on him. But those bullets had no effect on that ghoul. The killer was dazed. Then he heard a voice saying, "For your own benefit and selfishness, you took the lives of many people, devastated many families. Today is the time for a decision. Today is your Judgment Day." Suddenly everything calms down. The ghoul was also disappeared. There is silence all around. His whole body trembled with fear. He moves slowly. But then he realizes that there is someone behind him. He slowly turns back.

As soon as he turned back, he started running out of fear. Because he saw the innocent people which he had killed. He started running with full force. That's when the ghoul stands in front of him, he was afraid, "You can hide yourself from the eyes of the people but you cannot hide your sins from yourself. Today you are going too killed in the dark night of this new moon." He runs very fast. He sees his own sin all around. He sees all dead people who loudly asking him, "Why kill us? We had not done anything wrong then why you kill us. Now, who will take care of our family?" He was only heard crying all around. People were crying, blame him, and asking questions. The water of eyes came from his eyes. His hard mind was weak. He was tired of running. He falls down in the ground. That's when a book comes in front of him. His name was written in that book. His sins were written inside the book. Every page of the book had an account of his sin written. Just as people can see the stain in their face by looking in the mirror, the killer realizes his sins by looking at his sins written in the pages of that book. He had fallen in his own eyes. But he did not want to die. He started crying loudly. Today the person who takes away other's life was crying to seeing his life going away. This is God's law. One who grieves others will also live one day under the shadow of grieve. No one can escape this rule.

Killer was helpless. Then he saw a man coming. He understood that he is a ghoul. He said to the killer, "What happened. The murderer of the people is afraid to see his dead today. God created humans so that humans can live a life separate from animals and build a good world. But you people have turned a human into an animal. You become a slave to your thinking, your ego, your selfishness, and so that you are transformed into an animal. Don't cry. I will not punish you. You will punish yourself. All that has come to this house of the dead will punish own self. They will die by their mistake or… Today is the Judgment day. All will punish." By saying this the ghoul disappeared. The killer realizes that he was going to die after a while by either someone will kill him or killing himself. So he wanted to do a good job before dying. He knew Vijay, Puneet and Jeenu are not good people but Nayan is a good person. He decided to save Nayan. But can't understand how. He looked all around. Suddenly he saw a volcano bursting. He was chocked. That Volcano was moving towards him. He was afraid. He looked around. He want to run. Then ghoul was calling him by walking on the volcano. He heard the noise of all dead people. Then he opened fire at the ghoul. At that time a fire broke out. The fire was rising towards him. Only then does he understand that this fire is of petrol. He thinks in his mind, "There was petrol in front of Book. There was a window in front of the Book. The window is five and the door is one. The people are also five and there is one way to escape. There is some stuff in every window. I have chosen Book window, now I will die. That means the person who chooses the door will be saved. But how will the people recognize the door? The packet of cigarettes." Thinking this, he shot in his hand and started writing from his blood about the way to get out. That fire was slowly coming in front of the killer. The killer tries to get up but can't because his feet were sprain. He did not understand what to do. Fire reaches near his body. Suddenly Book falls from his hands and starts burning in the fire. He falls into the ground. His body also starts a fire. He becomes helpless. He does not understand anything. Only then does he see a way. He starts writing in the ground with the nails of his hands, "Find the packet of cigarettes and just go that way." As soon as writing this, the whole body catches fire. He says loudly, "Oh God! I have done very bad deeds in my life, but today I am going to do a good deed. Oh God! I am ashamed because of my deeds. You made a person separate from an animal, but we could not separate. God, I didn't say forgive me, because I know that you never forgive me. But before dying, I am doing good deeds. So that your part of the soul which is inside me, it may get some purity." Saying that Killer's soul went with the smoke of the fire.

 To be continued...