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The Judgment Day । River of death

The Judgment Day । River of death
The Judgment Day । River of death

...On hearing her words, Vijay and Puneet said, "Jeenu will not let anything happen." But She knows that no one can do anything. Jeenu shows a finger in the sky and says, "Look, the children were waiting for me. I separated him from his parents. Today, my Karma separated me from my parents. Uhh! kids calling me. I must have to go." Jeenu sees the children leaving. She shouts"They are going to going alone. Wait for me. You can't go without forgiving me. Wait… wait. A gust of wind comes and carries the soul of Jeenu with him. All three look silently like a stone.

Nobody has faith in their eyes. Everyone felt like a dream. But reality is more painful than dreams. Seeing the corpse of Jeenu, Puneet said, "We have to run away from here as soon as possible. That man is not an ordinary man. He had very good dam plan. By his bloody planning, he wants to make this ordinary night a night of fear." "This is not an ordinary night. It is the night of Fear." Vijay said to Puneet angrily. There was a strange Fear in Vijay's face. Vijay, not afraid of death, was also in awe today. The same awe was also seen in Vijay's talk. Vijay says, "He is a vampire, not a man. There have definitely black powers in him." Hearing of Bijay words, Puneet's get surprise. The man who never believed in the ghost vampire, today is talking about black powers. He thinks, "Nayan must have had an effect on him." But Puneet was not a man who believed these things easily. Debate increases between Puneet and Vijay. Puneet starts making fun of Nayan but Nayan doesn't say anything. Vijay does not tolerate Puneet's words and gives a punch in Pune's face. When the matter comes in a scuffle then Nayan stops both and says, "What kind of friends you are? Here, Jeenu has been killed and you guys are fighting up amongst each other. Better than fighting each other, think about how to get out from here. You people don't even know that, where we are standing for. Take a look". Listening to Nayan, Vijay and Puneet look around. They don't believe their eyes. Those people were at the same place where the protector of fear had left them. The question arises everyone's mind that how can it's possible. Nayan looks attention at another strange thing. There were five routes first, then four routes and now three routes. Everyone looks at each other. That's when they hear a voice. Everybody gets scared. Because even when Jeenu was together they had heard a voice and now a strange voice again. Now, no one knew that this sound will kill whom. They were thinking that then they saw something coming towards the forest. They tried to look at that thing carefully. When that thing came to light, the eyes of those people were torn because they show a lion.

On seeing the lion, everyone started running away from fear. All four started running fast. Vijay looked back and saw Nayan, Puneet, and the lion. Nayan and Puneet were following him. After seeing a small river, Vijay stopped there. Looking back, he saw Nayan but Puneet and the lion was vanished from there. Both Vijay and Nayan are shocked. Puneet was behind him, where suddenly he disappeared. But both of them don’t know that they were in delusions. Puneet was never behind them. Because Puneet also got delusions and run the other side. When he looked back, he also saw Nayan, Vijay, and that lion behind. Puneet was running fast. But suddenly a river showed where some clothes were lying. He did not know that it is not an ordinary river, it is a river of death. He stayed. When he looked back, the lion was gone but Nayan and Puneet stay very scared. Both of them were watching very carefully towards the river of death. Puneet also started to look carefully towards the river. He saw some movement in the river. He became alert. But then he noticed that some girls are taking a bath in the water. The girls were very beautiful. Beautiful girls are Puneet's weakness. Seeing those girls, he started moving closer to the river. He said to his friends, "See Vijay, there are no ghosts here. There are only beautiful naked girls here". By saying this, Puneet turns back, but Nayan and Bijay are vanished. He is shocked. He sees both of them around. But he does not see them. That time the voice of death is coming Very erotic way to Puneet ears. The bathing girls of the river of death was calling to Puneet.  The voice was very erotic, Puneet forgotten everything. He moves slowly towards those girls. Puneet also takes bathing with them. At the same time, Puneet sees a girl, who was standing in the river, backing towards Puneet. She had a very beautiful body. Puneet slowly moves closer to that girl. Puneet calls the girl, "What happened? Why are you alone? Come into my arms". Hearing this, the girl slowly turns to Puneet. Puneet's get awe after seeing her. Because she was the girl whom Puneet killed in a trap of love. The girl committed suicide after getting cheating on love. See her face, Puneet get very fear and walk backward. The girl tells him, "Come Puneet, hold me in your arms. What happened Puneet? Why are you so scared? Don't be afraid. I left my home for you. I gave you everything. My father had died by heart attack after you cheat me. Why did you do this Puneet. Why you used me". Saying that the girl starts crying. Then Puneet sees something coming from inside the river very fast. As soon as the thing reaches near Puneet, it takes the form of a huge Demon when comes out of the river. Puneet gets scared after seeing the huge Demon. He starts running from there. He runs with full-body strength. Wherever he goes, he sees that girl everywhere. He sees his sins committed everywhere. He sees all the sins he had committed, whether he was to kill someone for money, whether to grab someone's land for his profit, every sinful act that he had committed, was visible to him. He gets scared badly. Tears start coming out of his eyes. Then the huge Demon who is the protector of fear came in front of Puneet. Puneet get awe. But he does not stop. He keeps running, but that protector of fear does not turn away from him. He tells Puneet, "You can be saved from the eyes of the people but not from the eyes of God. For your selfishness, you have committed many sinful deeds. Today, the decision has come. There is nothing to get by running. You have enjoyed a lot of sin, and then today also enjoy the fruits of your sin". Puneet gets scared after hearing his words. He starts saying, "Why are you only punishing me like this. How many people commit so many sins. Why don't you punish them". Hearing his words, the protector of fear laughs and says, "Everyone gets punishment. But in different ways. You are lucky that you getting knew why you are getting punished for. Everyone gets punishment. No one can escape from his Karma. If someone gets late then someone gets it early but, they get it at the right time. And that time is determined by the creator of the time. Puneet, there is nothing to get by running, you are going to die on this night of fear". After running so much distance Puneet comes in front of the same river of death. He does not see any route. He tries to go across the river. The river was not too deep. He was trying to walk fast. Then he heard a voice from behind. That dead beauty girl was calling Puneet. Puneet closed his ears. But that voice did not stop. Puneet tears were coming out of his eyes. Puneet was tired. He had no ability to fight inside. As he reached across the river, he sat under a tree. He saw that dead beauty girl in the river of death. She was calling to Puneet. Hearing her cute and very emotional death words Puneet was helpless. He was getting to realize his mistakes. He was falling into his own eyes. In the end, he decided to punish himself. He took off his clothes and tied his hands and legs, and started crawling close to the dead beauty girl. Creeping Puneet was shouting, "I have done a lot of injustice to you. I have ruined the lives of so many people for my benefit. But today I am atoning for my sins." Saying this, Puneet falls into the river of death. He starts to suffer and finally leaves his body, and gets along with that dead beauty girl.

Here Nayan and Vijay find Puneet everywhere, but Puneet does not appear anywhere. Then Nayan gets nervous thinking that Puneet has not died? He runs very fast and goes to the former place. Vijay also runs after him. After reaching their Nayan's didn't believe in his own eyes. Nayan sees Puneet's corpse lying in front of Jeenu's corpse. He falls helplessly. Vijay also reaches. Tears start coming out of Vijay's eyes. Nayan looks sadly towards them. But suddenly Nayan finds something strange. Nayan saw the tree and their knag very carefully under which Jeenu and Puneet was lying. After seeing, Nayan gets amazed…
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