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The Judgment Day a first die in the night of fear

The Judgment Day a first die in the night of fear
The Judgment Day a first die in the night of fear
.....The man looks at Nayan and says, "Every living being, every planet, every constellation has its own destination. We can neither stop behind that chain nor go forward. It doesn't matter even if we want to go ahead or not. The law of the universe will decide who will go ahead and who will stop behind. The universe has announced the judgment which decided for you. Tonight the soldiers of the universe have sent you to me. I am constrained to do my work. Your past work will decide what kind of punishment you will deserve. Let’s get ready. This is the beginning of fear. Today is your Judgment Day. Be ready, the death is coming to you all. The first death was announced of this dark night.
Everyone was surprised to hear him. Bijay got angry. He approached the man and said to him, "Are you crazy? Is your mind okay?"
Then a loud lightning strikes. Everyone gets scared and starts seeing each other. Then Puneet's eye falls on the tree where the man was sitting. Puneet starts saying,
Puneet: Hey! Where did that man disappear?
Vijay: Must have gone fuckin crazy. let’s go now…
Jeenu: Yes, yes! Let's go. Otherwise, I will not be the first to die in the night of fear. My hearts are beating very fast. And why was the man talking only looking at Nayan?
Puneet: Because that crazy man had seen the garland of Rudraksha in Nayan's neck. Got it that it is Babaji. He thought that it can easy to made fool this Babaji.
Nayan: Stop calling me Babaji Babaji in everything. You have lots of money it does not mean that you will say anything. I believe in God. Because this is my faith. You have no faith because it is your belief. But what has to happen will not happen to you and my faith.
Vijay: What the bloody hell will happen. Come on from here…
Nayan: But go from where. Did not know where we came from.
Vijay: What did we come from? We came through only one way.
Jeenu: But there are five ways.
Everybody looks at everywhere. They all are amazing. The same question in everyone's mind, "How can this possible?" All were finding answers in their own way. But no matter how many answers they can find, the man could give the right answer.
Vijay: Everyone had just kept an eye only on the bloody man. Did not pay attention around. Now tell which way to go?
Nayan: Everyone has to go the same route. He deliberately trapped us in such away.
Jeenu: We are four, but here are five ways. Why did he bring us here?
Vijay: (jokingly) The people of the village had no idea that one day four people would come here. It would be fine to create five to four routes to confuse them. What nonsense are you talking about? Confusion occurs when we are afraid.
Puneet: (teasingly) Babaji, what are you thinking?
Vijay: Stop teasing him now. We walk through the road ahead. Because I am sure we came from this path.
Jinu: Ya ya! I think so too.
Puneet: Then let's go.
Everyone is ready to go. But Nayan is thinking something.
Puneet: Oh Babaji. Are you chanting some spells? Come on or you won't stay with that maniac.
Puneet starts laughing after teasing Nayan. But Nayan ignores Puneet's. Because he knew how deeply those people were trapped. He said, "You people think that we came from that path. At first, I also felt the same. But later when I thought a little bit, I was convinced that we did not come from that way. At the time of arrival, there was a mango tree on the way. But there are no trees at this time. Rather, none of the five paths is a mango tree.
Jeenu: Yes! I saw that tree.
Vijay: Everyone saw the tree. Ripe mango tree in the month of December looks a bit strange.
Nayan: And it seems strange to hear such lightning in the month of December.
Jeenu gets scared after hearing Nayan's words. Seeing Jeanu scared, Vijay starts to say to Nayan, "Whatever happens now, we all have to go the same way. And don't be afraid, Jeenu. You came in Sivsagar, feel like a Jaymati . Nothing will happen. All this can be a coincidence too."
Jeenu: But that mango tree is gone?
Everyone understands that something is wrong, Something is strange. Nayan goes to close all five roads. Vijay also goes to him. Looking at Nayan, Vijay asks, "Are there really ghosts-Vampire ?" Seeing Vijay, Nayan understands that Vijay is slowly starting to believe in ghosts. Nayan started saying,
Nayan: Why? You used to understand all these ghosts are illusions. You were not believing that things.  Now, what happened today.
Vijay: I am still not fully believe. But some things look a bit strange. This place is a bit strange.
Nayan: Not a little bit stranges. More strang place. It is the cold season. Trees are bearing fruits of summer days. The crows are sleeping in reverse in the tree. There are no stars in the sky. A little while ago there were five routes, now there are four. Can't understand where we are. This night is not an ordinary night, it is a night of fear.
Listening to Nayan, Vijay looks around. He was shocked. Seeing of Nayan and Vijay talking, Puneet smailing. Jeenu was scared. Puneet begins to say, "Look at Babaji, teaching Vijay some strip. Surely he must be telling the story of ghosts and vampires." Never one to back down from getting a chance for Nayan's dishonesty, Jeenu now didn't listen to Puneet and say keep quiet. Maybe from the fear inside her. Night terrors were rising slowly. Death is coming to those people. The first death of the fear night waiting to take his first feed.
In the silence of that night, even the slightest sound was heard very loudly. In such a situation, a voice is heard to all four. All four getting daze. Nayan and Vijay do not understand whose voice they are. Both try to watch and listen carefully. Then the speed of that voice becomes faster. That voice intensifies the heartbeat of all four. Jeenu screams with fear. Everyone comes in front of Jeenu and tries to calm her down. Jeanu starts crying. Then that voice would again fall in their ears. It seemed as if that thing was very close to them.
All four look at that voice. That's when some children's voices are heard in the ears of Jeenu. Jeenu turns and moves closer to those voices. Looking back, all three friends were also following him. Jeenu sees fear in all three faces. All three were shivering with fear. Jeenu gets even more scared seeing them scared. The voices of the children were pulling Jeenu towards them. In the end, Jeenu gets closer to those children. Those children were very cute. All those children were playing among themselves. Jeenu calms down when she sees those children playing. The fear in her comes to an end and she tells her friends, "Friends we were probably scared unnecessarily. There is no ghosts-vampire here." Jeenu turns back after saying this.
Here the voices in the ears of the three Nayan, Vijay and Puneet are washed away slowly. As soon as that sound is clearly heard, the trio amaze and Vijay starts saying, "Oh, this is the scream of Jeenu. But Jeenu is with us." Looking back, they know that Jeenu is not there. All three ware afraid of not seeing Jeenu there. And then a scream of Jeenu daze them. Those people run after that voice.
Turning back, Jeenu looks at the man standing here, not his friend. Jeenu shouts loudly and falls between those children. Then a child comes close to Jeanu and says, "Whatever you told me, tell my mother the same. Otherwise, my mother will just cry." Hearing these things, Jeanu goes to the daze. Jeenu's beating becomes faster, but this time not fear of the dark night, it is fear of the 10-year-old accident.
Jeenu's father was a powerful legislator at that time. There was a lot of potential. In such a situation, it was natural for the only daughter of the MLA to have egotism and arrogance. At that time, Jeenu had opened a large company of his Medicine Distribution. To earn more profit through this company, Jeanu and his father allowed a medicine company to sell medicines which later proved to be fatal. Many children fell ill. Then one-day Jeanu and his father went to see children in the hospital to be good in front of the people. At that time, Jeenu had kindly explained to the children. Hearing Jeenu's words, a child said to him, "Whatever you told me, tell the same thing to mother. Otherwise, the mother will be just bread."
Jeenu is scared to see that child. Jeenu thinks, "This child was dead. All of them survived and died." Thinking this, Jeenu looks at the man and starts running away from there. Jeenu runs with the strength of her body. That's when the man comes in front of Jeenu. Jeenu keeps running, the man stays ahead of Jeenu. The man said, "You can run away from the eyes of people but not by your Karma. Today is your Judgement Day. Your decision has come." She folds her hands and keeps, asking for her life. The man says to her, "People become blind in their greed and ability. They see nothing. This greed and father's ability blinded you. You have not thought about the bad consequences of those medicines at all. Didn't think about. But today you realize how big a sin you had committed. "
Jeenu: Forgive me if I made a mistake. Those companies gave me and my father a lot of money. We did not see anything. We never thought it would happen. But I was also very sorry for what happened.
Man: Sorry it was a show. Which was showing itself along with you peoples.
Jeenu: I join hands let me go. I do not want to die. Don't punish me so much for a mistake.
Man: You are getting punished not for one mistake but for many mistakes.
Jeanu fell tired. She turns back to see that the children were approaching Jeanu, saying "I have to go to my mother and father". Jeenu starts crying, starts Shouting. Then she sees three friends who were looking for her. She goes close to those three. But no one sees her. The man tells her, "Those people can't see you. Whatever you try, you can't survive. Today, the first death in this night of fear will be yours." The three friends start leaving. Seeing going, she runs like crazy. Then She suddenly falls on top of a stone. She gets a head injury. Blood starts coming from her head. The man comes close to Jeenu, "I said you nothing will happen. Nobody wants to lose his life but one day he has to lose." Jeenu understand and accepts the ruthless truth of life and says, "If I have ever done any good in my life, give me a chance to talk to my friends." That's when Nayan sees her. All three run close to Jeenu. Everyone is afraid to see her in that situation. Nayan asks her,
Nayan: How did all this happen?
Jeenu: I have received my punishment for my Karma. I have been punished for the killing of those innocent children.
Nayan: Killing of innocent children?
Genu: Yes. Poisonous medicine was the real reason for the innocent children killed 10 years ago. My father and I had hidden this real reason in front of people, but nothing hides in front of God. Everyone gets punished when the time comes. Today I am punished for my sin. I do not want my father to get such a punishment. So if you success to live out, then tell the police everything. At the break of evidence, some file is hidden in Dad's Locker. You will be able to punish Dad with the help of those File.
Nayan: Nothing will happen. We will not let anything happen to you.
Jeenu: Nayan you are a very nice person. I have always made fun of you. Have hurt you and now you have fallen into trouble with us. Forgive us if you can.
Nayan: You don't say like that.
Genu: Vijay and Puneet you are my good friend, But I befriended you so that I could use you as a need. forgive me.
On hearing her words, Vijay and Puneet said, "Jeenu will not let anything happen." But She knows that no one can do anything. Jeenu shows a finger in the sky and says, "Look, the children were waiting for me. I separated him from his parents. Today, my Karma separated me from my parents. Uhh! kids calling me. I must have to go." Jeeenu sees the children leaving. She shouts," They are going to going alone. Wait for me. You can't go without forgiving me. Wait… wait. A gust of wind comes and carries the soul of Jeenu with him. All three look silently like a stone.

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