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The Judgment Day - Beginning of Fear

The Judgment Day-Beginning of Fear
The Judgment Day-Beginning of Fear
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The Judgment Day - Beginning of Fear

A person who creates terror inside innocent people will also one day live in a terror.
Which day the Lord will announce the Judgment Day, that day the terror will also within the one who created terror.

The Judgment Day... It is not so easy to understand this world. There are many secrets inside this world. One of these secrets is the ghost-vampire. Many people believe that they have seen ghosts and felt them. But some people believe that this is just an illusion. There is a fear that creates an imaginary image in the mind of the people. Some people say that ghosts are really there, some people say that if they are there then why can't everyone see them? Everybody is busy in proving their own logic, but no one really knows what is true. But we are so sure that we do not even know about 10% of the mysteries of this world. There are so many secrets hidden around us that if we pay attention to all of them, then the flare of our heart starts to intensify. We realize this in the silence of the night. And if it is the night of new moon then…
Vijay, Puneet, and Jeenu are all good friends. Vijay and Puneet has own construction business. They made roads by taking the project from the government. Jeenu father helps them both in this work. But not for free, he takes his part. Jeenu father is an MLA. That's why Jeenu has an ego. Another part of this story is Nayan who is a friend of those people. He does not have the same money as Vijay, Puneet and Jeenu, but has a lot of bigger heart than those people. Nayan is a good friend of Vijay but Puneet and Jeenu do not like him as much. They keep teasing him by calling him Baba Ji. Because Nayan likes to pray gods.
One day Puneet had plans to visit Sivasagar to relieve his mind from his work. Puneet did not want to involve Nayan. But at the behest of Vijay, he also takes Nayan. They had planned to leave from Sivasagar after 3 days. But Puneet wants to stay one more day. That's why all four stayed one extra day. And that day the judgment day start to begin. Enjoying every part of their lives, they had no idea what will happen to their life.
After staying at Sivasagar for 4 days, Nayan, Puneet, and Jeenu were coming towards the hotel with Vijay's car at night. They decided to go to the hotel and leave for Guwahati in the morning. But what humans decide is not necessary, what the law of universe decided that is necessary. Because that's what will going to happen. The law of the universe had decided by who is going to Guwahati and who is not.

On the way to the hotel, suddenly the car stops in the middle of the dark road. They get out of the car and start fixing it. But they can't fixed it. Removes the phone but is not exposed to the network. Everyone starts brainstorming about what to do. But those people do not even think of any solution. On the night of New Moon, silence was buzzing in their ears. That moment Vijay sees a man. The man was coming up to his floor. They looked at that man. The man's walking style was very different. But it was very attractive. The man looks very strong. When that man was coming toward those people, deep silence was very highly approached in new moon dark night. A fear ignites the life that is residing inside them. With which smoke, the heart of those people starts beating fast. Jeenu also has a thought in his mind that the man might be a ghost or a vampire. But she doesn't say anything. Because everyone will start calling him a coward lady. Vijay try to control his heart beating and calls the unknown strange man. As Vijay calls, the man stops and looks at those people. Nayan feels a bit strange. And even if he does not want to say a word but the word come out of his mouth, "Don't call him. I have some strange feeling." Hearing his words, Puneet starts laughing and says, “Look, Jeenu Babaji is scared.  Then Puneet say to Bijay,
Puneet: he is very stubborn. He won't come. Bijay you go and ask there is a garage or not.
Jeenu: No, there is a risk to go alone. We all go. We don’t know what kind of a man he is. Also visually, he looks very strong.
Nayan: Yes… No ordinary man will visit such a secluded place at 11 o’clock in the night. It can also be a thief or murderer.
Listening to the talks of Jeenu and Nayan, everyone goes to the man's front. Those people heart burns faster. Nayan realizes this feeling very well but this time he does not say anything. The man's eyes were very big. The face was very beautiful. But when Nayan looked carefully he shows a strange struggle that appeared in that man's face. Like there were many secrets hidden in that face. Vijay starts asking the man innocently,
Vijay: Brother! Will get a garage anywhere here? Actually, our car suddenly stopped. We also have to go far.
Man: Everyone is far away to go. But all die halfway. Today you people are also on the verge of dying. But there is still life remains in your cars which need a doctor of the cars. Follow me if you want to meet your Doctor.
Hearing that man's words, everyone felt something strange. Jeenu was a little scared.
Jinu: Hey! this man is very weird. I am not going with him. Do not know what he will do by the pretext of the doctor's house.
Puneet: But we don't even have any solution. We all go on doing one thing. If we had seen a little bit of mess, then we will run straight from there. What will you say Nayan?
Nayan: Yes!...I feel a bit strange, but there are no other solutions too.
Vijay: We will not go in a line. We go one after the other and keep an eye around.
Punit: Nayan, you will go ahead, we will follow you.
Nayan: Why me?
Puneet: Because you are Babaji. Why do you recite worship?
Nayan: Are you teasing?
Genu: No Babaji, he is praising.
Vijay: Oh come on, otherwise, the man will be gone.
To maintain a specified distance, in the dark new moon night all four people follow that strangles the man. Everywhere was deep silence. Not even a slight sound. It seemed like a Yamdoot (emissary of the god of death ) is taking all four with him. At these stranges moment, it is normal to have a fast heartbeat. To control their heartbeat they start talking to each other.
Jeenu: It all happened because of Puneet. The whole plan was arranged by him.
Puneet: See, when the plan to roam was spoken then you started dancing and now when the trouble was coming then all is my fault.
Vijay: Whatever you say is your fault.
Genu: My father refused to give you the contract. That's why you avenged this...
Puneet: You guys are talking it like that I did all this. I had no hope from your arrogant MLA father. I knew that the contract would give your father to Vijay because he had fed your father more money.
Jeenu: Look at the ripe mangoes in the month of December? Strange?
That man sits under a big tree. On seeing him sitting, everyone goes in front of the man. Nayan asks the man, "Why did you sit here?" The man looks at Nayan and says, "Every living being, every planet, every constellation has its own destination. We can neither stop behind that chain nor go forward. It doesn't matter even if we want to go ahead or not. The law of the universe will decide who will go ahead and who will stop behind. The universe has announced the judgment which decided for you. Tonight the soldiers of the universe have sent you to me. I am constrained to do my work. Your past work will decide what kind of punishment you will deserve. Let’s get ready. This is the beginning of fear. Today is your Judgment Day….

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