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Mula Gabharu | a lady of war

Mula Gabharu | a lady of war
Mula Gabharu | a lady of war

History is very well bizarre. There are many such stories buried in it, which very few people know about. In the same history, there are many such stories of women who gave up everything for her kingdom, her country, her motherland. Mula Gabharu was a lady among these phenomenal and patriotic women. Who fought with the Mughals for her husband, for her motherland. Who called the people of Assam to fight the battle with the Mughals by taking Hengdung (Ahom sword) in their hands. This is the story of the lady of war who fought four days with the Mughals and killed many soldiers. This is the story of Brave Mula Gabharu.

About the lady of war

Mula Gabharu is called Nang Mo-La in the Ahom language. It would be a little difficult to say her birth details or her biography because there are fewer facts about Mula Gabharu in history, which proves that historians did not give much importance to the history of women. According to some facts and information, I will try to keep my point. The information which has been given by the great scholars of Assam and history articles like Edward Gait. It is so certain that Mula Gabharu was a brave woman who neither tolerated slavery nor the arrival of Mughals on her motherland.

Some things of Mula Gabharu's life

Mula Gabhoru's father's name was Chaofa Supimphaa. The husband of Mula Gabharu was Chao Frachenmung of Ahom. He was the Bargohain of the Ahom kingdom. Therefore he was called Chao Phrachenmung Bargohai. Both loved their motherland very much. Both believed that freedom and patriotism are more important than life. Both of them had also proved this by their work.

The reason for calling Nang Mu-la as Gabharu (young girl)

Many people have a question about how the title of Nang was Gabharu (young girl). In fact, the wife of Ahom's elder officer was called Gabharu. Some people even called them "Gabaru Deu". Nang, was the wife of Bargohain, that's why she was also called Nang Mo-la Gabharu or Mula Gabharu.

Battle of war between Ahom and Mughal

At that time, Ahome's Swargadeu i.e. King was Suhungmung (Hindu name Swarganarayan). Between 1528 and 1532, the Mughal soldiers invaded Assam twice (the fifth and sixth wars by the Mughals). Both attacks were led by Mughals under Turbak Khan. At the time of Swarganarayan, the Mughals invaded Assam for the fifth time. Many Assam soldiers were killed in the invasion. At that time, the Mughals were also very powerful but were not more powerful than the soldiers of Assam and the people dedicated to their motherland. The soldiers of Assam fought fiercely with the Mughals. Many Mughal soldiers were killed, as well as many Ahom soldiers. Ahom's state minister Khunlung Bargohain was also killed along with several generals. Ahom was slowly weakening. Frachenmung then told this to his wife Mula. Then Mula Gabharu told her husband to go to war and protect the motherland. According to some writers, Mula Gabharu also wanted to go to war but Frachenmung had refuse. Hearing his wife's talk, Frachenmung had said, "Who have a wife like you, he has no fear of anything. I am going to war tomorrow. Independence and patriotism are many times more important than death and life." Saying this, Frachenmung left for the war. Frachenmung bravely fought the battle but was eventually killed by the hands of Turbak Khan.

Hearing of the news of her husband's death, Mula Gabharu gets in the mourn. She become very depressed. A mental calamity had come upon her. But in the end, she had decided to fight with the Mughals for her husband, for her motherland. A wife of a soldier become a lady of war. That mourn had no power to destroy the lady of war. That mourn had give a lady to power to fight with the most powerful empire. That mourn gives a lady to take revenge on her husband's death. That mourn gives power to a lady to fight for her motherland. All people ware forbidden her to go to war. She was also denied by her friend, Jayanti. Everyone said, "War is not for women". But the lady of war had decided. Now it was time for judgment, now it was time for war.

According to Padmanath Gohai Baruva, in 1527, Frachenmung was martyred. In 1532, 5 years after his death, Turabak Khan invaded Second time (ie 6 times by Mughals) in Assam. In this attack, Women of Assam showed his valor along with Mula Gabharu.

Mula Gabharu becomes a lady of war

After the death of her husband, this lady of war decided to go to fight with Mughals. With this, the training of this war lady started. Seeing her friend preparing for war, many friends including Mahila Jayanti, Pamila and Lalita supported Mula Gabharu. The burning war lady had called upon the people of Assam to come to war with Hengdang (Ahom Sword) in their hands. Hearing her call, not only did many people decide to go to war, but many women also got ready for the war. Finally, the time had come, the war was coming. Turbak Khan came to Assam with a more powerful army to the intention of grab the Assam. But this time in front of him was Mula Gabharu, daughter of a mother Bharat (India), daughter of motherland Assam. Who had a Hengdang in her hand to kill Turbak Khan and his soldiers. A fierce war ensued. The fire of war lady killed many soldiers of the Mughals. Along with her, the soldier of Assam and her friends including Mahila Jayanti, Pamila and Lalita are also showing the valor of Assam to the Mughal soldiers. The black clouds hovering over Assam were engaged in cleaning the soldiers of Mula Gabharu. After killing the soldiers of the Mughals for three days, on the fourth day, Mula Gabharu faced Turbak Khan. Seeing the murderer of her husband, the lady of war gets angry and pounced on him like a lioness. There was a fierce war between both. A trained warrior like Turbak Khan, get realize the power of a woman after seeing the strength of a battle lady.  Mula Gabharu fought with great strength but Turbak Khan was also a warrior. In the end, this lady can't succeed in revenge for her husband's death. She died. But she is not a failure or loses the battle. The chapter of a war lady yet not close. Because she creates a great example of a warrior in front of her soldier and the people of Assam.

After the death of Mula Gabharu

The death of Mula Gabharu created double inspiration within the soldiers of Assam. So in the Dikrai Mukhar War, the soldiers of Assam defeated the Mughals and killed Turbak Khan in the leadership of Kanacheng Barpatra Gohain.

In addition to this, the Mughals invaded Assam many times, and finally, after the defeat by Gadaghar Singh, the Mughals stopped attacking Assam.

Mula Gabharu day

People of Assam observe Mula Gabharu Day on the 29th, May of the English date every year.

Few words

Mula Gabharu had inspired people of Assam by showing her valor. The Mughals fought with Assam to expand their power. Many lost their lives and families in that war. A battle fought with a gun or sword always gives rise to a new war. War can never solve any problem. Wars can only increase the problem. If people want to fight, then they should fight with their evil within themselves. So that unity can be established in society. So that no one ever has to make a warrior from an innocent. Never lose someone like Mula Gabharu, who loses her husband, her family, and at the end also her life.

 War takes life, Unity gives life.   

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