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Gadadhar Singha - The Beginning

Gadadhar Singha - The Beginning
Gadadhar Singha - The Beginning 

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There are so many secrets in Gadadhar Singha life that hardly any other Ahom king will be in his life. It is very difficult to understand his life. He was very surprised and extraordinary king. It is the story of struggling and the beginning of a powerful king.

Gadadhar Singha Personal Details

Actual name of Gadadhar Singha is Gadapaani. He takes this Hindu Gadadhar name after when he becomes King. His father name was Gobar Raja. He is from Tungkhungia dynasty. The Tungkhungia dynasty was a branch of the Ahom dynasty. Gobar was able to become king for only 20 days. Gobar king had three sons. The eldest was named Jambur and the youngest was named Govind. Gadadhar Singha was the middle son. Everyone considered the courage of Gadadhar Singha since childhood. He used to go hunting on an elephant in 10-12 years of age. He was the fearless and powerful crown prince. But at the same time loved the poor and hated the oppressor.

At that time, Ahom Scholar used to teach religion and history to the young men of Foidar (Deodhai, Bailung, Mohon, etc.) but sometimes the elder officer sons had not taken that education. Gadadhar Singha was also one of them. But he lacked neither power nor knowledge. It is said that he used to eat 4 plates with 29 dishes alone. But still of that, he was not slothful. His face was very attractive. Many writers also call him a Romantic Prince.

Gadadhar Singh marital life

One day, prince Gadadhar Singha came at the house of Lythepena, suffering from heat and hunger. As the elder daughter of the household, Jaymati had responsibility for his serve Gadadhar Singha, And Jaymati also serve her duty very gratefully. He was very happy to see Jaymati's hospitality. Since then, both of them fall in love; And with the permission of the family members, both get married. After married, they got two very beautiful sons named Lai and Lechai. But according to Dutiram Hazarika, Gadadhar Singha also had a daughter. Whom Chaudand (king's soldier and undercover) assassinated with the permission of the king.

Between 1673 to 1681, a total of six kings were formed. How far people can become Tyrannical to get the power, this 8-year history tells them well. After Debera Barbaruwa's politics, many ups and downs, and murders, in 1679, the commander Laluksola Barphukan with the help of Mughal made Sulikaphaa (Lora Raja) of 14 years king. Laluksola sought help of his own benefit to that Mughal, whom Laluksola elder brother Lachit Borphukan had dusted out. Laluksola gave Guwahati the Mughal's hands.

Lora Raja (Child King) was just a king by name. Who didn't know anything about how to manage the kingdom. He was does everything whatever Laluksola Barphukan said to do. Laluksola Barphukan started ruling with his choice. Anarchy began to spread everywhere. Everybody had afraid to rebel. Loda Raja instructed the Chaudang to kill or cripple all the young men who are worthy of becoming the king. Chaudang started killing all the young men. That time Gadadhar Singha had helpless and leave her wife and children in-home and run away.

Some historians believe that Jaymati must have said Gadadhar Singha to leave home. Because if he did not run away then he will be killed by the Chaudang. Then no one can free the people of Assam from the atrocities of Lalukasola. But do some historians it is also believed that Jaymati had absconded with Gadadhar Singha by keeping both of her sons at her father's house. And later the king's undercover caught Jaymati.

Gadadhar Singha life protected and state formation

To protect his own life, Gadadhar Singha went silent in the Naga mountains with a Naga disguise. There is a lot of controversy about Gadadhar Singha. During this period, he did not stop anywhere. Always kept changing his place. Sometimes in someone's house, sometimes in the forest.

At that time Gadadhar Singha was living disguise in Nagapahar. Some day after, he knows from the Naga people about the atrocities being committed on Jaymati. He becomes restless and one day, disguise himself goes in front of the Jaymati, who is hanging in bamboo. No matter how much the husband disguises, the wife's eyes are worn by him. Gadadhar Singha starts saying, "Hey! Why are you tolerating so much pain? Why doesn't you speak about her husband".Jaymati is happy to see her husband despite the pain, but at the same time, she is afraid that someone will recognize her husband. That's why Jaymati pretends not to recognize him and says, "I don't know anything about my husband. What happened to you? Who called? Why don't you go?" Jaymati started crying. No one can say what would have been spent on them at that time. When a man loves her wife very much, suddenly one day the Woman tied in such a way and saw blood in every part, then imagine what would have happened to that person. But even more terrible is that the person had no other way than to leave that woman in that situation at that time. Because the hopes of the people of the society were attached to him. That is why Gadadhar Singha had to go even if he did not want.  No matter how powerful a warrior is, it also has its limitations. Jaymati kept looking at her husband.

After that day Jaymati had been enduring tortured for 6-7 days. The extent of ruthlessness has been exceeded. And after suffering persecution for 14 days, this great lady of Motherland Assam sacrifice her life in 1679. Endured the atrocities for 14 days but didn't say a single word about her husband. She also got a chance to talk to her husband but could not talk well. Because she was afraid that no one would see her husband. If something had happened to her husband, there was hardly anyone to save Assam from the hands of Lalukasola. Therefore, it was necessary for the husband to be alive. And That is why Jayamati endured all the atrocities and sacrificing her life for her husband and for the people of the Assam.

Gadamani becomes mad after Jaymati's death. He does not understand what to do. Fighting with Ahom was not so easy. He needed more soldiers. But at that time Gadadhar Singha gets his brother-in-law Bandar Barphukan, who wants to fight with Lora Raja but did not able to courage himself to fight with Tyrannical king. It was the beginning of end tyranny. Meet with Gadadhar Singha he gets the courage to fight. Both of them plan what to do next. They arrange everything. Two years after the death of Jaymati, Lalapasola and Loda Raja are killed and in 1681 Gadadhar Singha Raza is formed. And the name Ahom takes the name Suptapfaa and the Hindu name Gadadhar Singha.

Gadadhar Singha's younger Brother Govind

Govind was no less than Gadadhar Singha in courage and might. There was never one person to give up in life. But an astrologer, seeing his horoscope, said that one day this Govind Tungkhungia will become a stigma in the lineage of the Faudar. Then these words started harassment to Gobar's mind. And one day when Govind was small, seeing his high spirit, he order Chaudang to cut Govind head. But at the last moment, Debera Barbaruah saved Govind's life.

Gadadhar Singha's relationship with his younger brother was not as bad. But both had an arrogance about their strength. One day both of them had an argument. The argument becomes very serious then they were ready to fight. Govind took Gadadhar Singha's blessing and Gadadhar Singha also blessed and prepared to fight. At that time everyone was watching silent chap. Nobody had the courage to stop them both. At that time their Master came and tries to stop them both but they do not listen to the Master. Then finding no other cause, the Master inserted a knife in his own chest and fell between them. both of them were blank. After few times Gadadhar Singha told his younger brother to leave Tungkhungia State. Govind obeyed his elder brother's order and left.

Many years passed but Govind did not return. But one day when Gadadhar Singha was mobilizing troops with Bandar Barphukan, that time Govind was come. Gadadhar Singha first thought that he had come to fight, but later understood that he had come to help him. Govind came down from the horse and kneeling down, saying, "Kakoideu (elder brother)! Still, the total religion and dignity of Tungkhulia Fodder is not over. I have just come from kill two detectives of the king of Lora.” Both of them hug each other and tears fall from their eyes. Both have forgotten all the differences and become one for the war.  But time is very cruel.