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Gadadhar Singha 2 last battle with the Mughals

Gadadhar Singha 2 last battle with the Mughals
Gadadhar Singha 2 last battle with the Mughals

After Gadadhar Singha became king

After punishing Lora Raja and Lalukshola, Gadaghar Singha become king. Now was the time to punish the traitors. No one can escape from their Karma. Someday it will just come in one way or the other way. This time also came in a ruthless form. Jaymati's Persecutors were brutally punished. Those who supported the Mughals were punished mercilessly. No one survived. Gdadhar Singha did not want to let Jaymati's sacrifice go in vain. He had learned a lot about life by wandering in the forest. Time explained it in the same way.

He did not spare even those who helped him become king. He thinks, Today, those people can betray Lora Raja and make me king, then tomorrow may they betraying me and can make a weak king. Some people even criticize Gadadhar Singha for this ruthlessness because he did not spare even his closer one. His Brother-in-Law Bandar Barphukan was also get punished. He did not punish Bandar Barphukan for the death, but snatched away his honor and removed him from the kingdom. Niranjan made Barphukan in his place. He is called Sandikoy Niranjan Barphukan. He was no less. Find everyone and killed them, whoever Laluksola Borphukan closer, whoever Debera Barbarua closer all are killed or punished.

But it was opposed by Govind. He did much to convince Gadadhar but he did not. Forbidden to do so with his Brother-in-Law but Gadadhar remained adamant. And finally, he also left the kingdom with his sister and Brother-in-Law. A few days later, people came to hear from the mouth that Govinda had left his sister and Brother-in-Law. No one knows where he went.

Gadadhar Singha only punished everyone isn’t that. Every coin has two sides. The other aspect of Gadadhar was also very kind. He also honored all those who helped him. Someone was rewarded and someone was given a place in the Administrator. In whose name was the pond built, then someone rooted it with gold. Apart from this, he also helped a lot of people. Gadadhar used to treat very good with good and very bad with bad.

Gadadhar Singha was a Hindu ruler. He also did a lot of work for the advancement of religion and also gave prominence to Vaishnava dharma.

 Last Battle with the Mughals

With the help of Laluksola, the Mughal reached Kamrup but later Bandar Barfukan drove them away from there. Despite that, the Mughals wanted to Lose in battle by badly. Putting this intention forward, two years after Gadadhar Singha became the king, Mansoor Khan comes to attack Assam. At that time there was Sandikoi Niranjan Barphukan in Guwahati. Sandikoi Barphukan got a good chance to show his might. A place called Itakhuli was chosen for the war. Battle of Itakhuli was start. A fierce war ensued. The Mughal started losing badly. The Mughals were unable to stand in front of the brave Soldiers of Assam. When the Mughals were beginning to weaken then an army Chief of the Mughals was seen encouraging those soldiers. Knowing this, Sandikoi Barphukan went to kill him along with Soldiers. But everyone was surprised to see that commander. No one believed in own eyes. Because the man who encouraging the Mughal is none other than was Govind. He wanted to wage war against his brother. Because even though the motives of the two brothers may be one, the views were different. (In this I mean to say that both brothers wanted Assam to flourish but in their own way. Brother did not like Gdadhar Singha's system but what Govind did was also wrong. He brought Mughals to Assam. Was going to enslave him.) Sandikoi Barphukan grasped him with his Solider. Mansoor Khan died in the Battle of Itakhuli and the Mughals could never raise their heads, thus being defeated. This was the last battle with the Mughals.

On hearing the news of victory in the war, Gadadhar Singha ordered everyone to celebrate the celebration. But the news of his brother's betrayal caused him much trouble. When the idea is different, even if the goal is one, the paths never be same it will different. Gadadhar Singha took a drastic decision after consulting his ministers. When people finishing celebration after then Govind closed his eyes forever.

Gadadhar Singha's dead

Gadadhar Singha gave Ahom a new height during his reign. At the time when Ahom was shattered, Jaymati and Gadadhar Singha protected Ahom and at the same time liberated the people of Assam from the atrocities of Lalukasola, Lora Raja and Mughals. Time is very cruel. A loving Gadapaani was made the ruthless Gadaghar Singh. Who punished every Guilty person. Not pardon even his Brother-in-Law and Brother's spared. The abominable politics of 1671 to 1681 probably made a lover a ruler. For some he was great and for some, he was unkind king. However, Assam was a powerful and prosperous state at that time and he was a powerful king. After a reign of only 14 years of this powerful king, he dies in 1995.

Strange thing

          Gadadhar Singha loved his wife Jayamati very much, but it is surprising that he did not do anything in memory of Jayamati. No one memorial was built. Later on, his son Lai, i.e. Rudra Singha  (1696-1714), builds a "Jayasagar tank" in memory of his mother in the form of a memorial on the same ground in 1697. In addition, in 1703-04, he also manufactures a large "Fakuwa Dol". If Rudra Singh had not kept his mother's memories alive, then Jaymati would have remained a fictional story today. That is why it is not so easy to understand Gadadhar Singha.

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