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Sati Jaymati | A Rare story

Sati Jaymati Rare story
Sati Jaymati A Rare story

There are many stories in the pages of history that able to melt the strong stone. One such story is that of a daughter from Assam. Who sacrificed their lives for the Ahom dynasty, enduring the torture of hell for the salvation of the people of Assam. This story is of that sati. This is the story rare story of Sati Jaymati.

Birth and family of Sati Jaymati

The full name of Sati Jaymati was Jaymati Konwari. Jaymati Konwari mother's name was Chandradaru and her father's name was Lythepena Bargohai. According to Dr. Suryakumar Bhuyan, there were 12 sons of Lythepena and including Jaymati there were 13 daughters. Jaymati was the eldest daughter among the daughters. There was a fairly large family. Lythepena family was among the most loyal people of Ahom from the beginning. Swargadeo Sukafaa has been occupying a good number of positions of Lythepena's ancestor Ahom since the time of the formation of the Assam state. Accordingly, he had very good and close relations with the kings of Ahom.

Jaymati was a selfless and responsible girl since her childhood. She not only knew her duties very well but also performed those duties very sincerely.

Sati Jaymati as a wife and a mother

Gobar Raja (Gobar King)  had three sons, among them Gadapaani was his second son. Was a very powerful and very courageous man. From the age of only 10-12, he had used elephants to go hunting. Everyone was surprised to see a child going hunting like this. Since childhood, he used to hate the oppressors and help the poor weak people. Gadapaani was very fond of eating and drinking. It is said that he used to eat 4 plates with 29 dishes alone. Despite this, he was not a lazy or weak-minded person. His face had a distinct charm. Some of the authors have also called him a lover Prince.

One day, prince Gadaapani came at the house of Lythepena, suffering from heat and hunger. As the elder daughter of the household, Jaymati had responsibility for his serve Gadapaani, And Jaymati also serve her duty very gratefully. Gadapaani was very happy to see Jaymati's hospitality. Since then, both of them fall in love; And with the permission of the family members, both get married. After married, they got two very beautiful sons named Lai and Lechai. But according to Dutiram Hazarika, Gadapaani also had a daughter. Whom Chaudand (king's soldier and undercover) assassinated with the permission of the king.

The lady who bear thousands of pain

Between 1673 and 1681, Ahom had a total of six kings. And finally in 1679, King Laluksola Barphukan, with the help of Mughal, made the only 14-year-old boy Chulikafa i.e. Loda Raja (Child King) as a king. Who didn't know anything about how to manage the kingdom. He was just a king by name. He was does everything whatever Laluksola Barphukan said to do. Laluksola Barphukan started ruling with his choice. Anarchy began to spread everywhere. Everybody had afraid to rebel. Loda Raja instructed the Chaudang to kill or cripple all the young men who are worthy of becoming the king. Chaudang started killing all the young men. That time Gadapaani had helpless and leave her wife and children in-home and run away.

Some historians believe that Jaymati must have said Gadapaani to leave home. Because if he did not run away then he will be killed by the Chaudang. Then no one can free the people of Assam from the atrocities of Lalukasola. But do some historians it is also believed that Jaymati had absconded with Gadapaani by keeping both of her sons at her father's house. And later the king's undercover caught Jaymati.

Gadapaani ran away from home and hid in the jungles of Nagapahar and Assam. And began to prepare for war against the king. Nobody knew anything about Gadapaani. Here the Loda Roja and Laluksola had become uneasy. Due to not being able to catch the Gadapaani, both of them become mad, then at that time, Jaymati was caught. When Jaymati does not say anything about Gadapaani, then she was taken to Jerenga Pathar (Jarenga Field, Sivasagar district) and tied up in a bamboo. Then they start brutally tortured over Jaymati and asked about Gadapaani. But Jaymati does not say a word about her husband Gadapaani. They torture Jaymati with whip, the body parts are chapped. Tortured in a ruthless way. But that atrocity torture had no power to melt the lady of sacrifices Jaymati. She does not speak a word about her husband. Because she knows that only her husband can destroy Laluksola and free Assam from Lalukshola's oppressiveness. That's why she had silently bear the pain of the torture.

At that time Gadapaani was living disguise in Nagapahar. Some day after, he knows from the Naga people about the atrocities being committed on Jaymati. He becomes restless and one day, disguise himself goes in front of the Jaymati, who is hanging in bamboo. No matter how much the husband disguises, the wife's eyes are worn by him. Gadapaani starts saying, "Hey! Why are you tolerating so much pain? Why doesn't you speak about her husband". Jaymati is happy to see her husband despite the pain, but at the same time, she is afraid that someone will recognize her husband. That's why Jaymati pretends not to recognize him and says, "I don't know anything about my husband. What happened to you? Who called? Why don't you go?" Jaymati started crying. No one can say what would have been spent on them at that time. When a man loves her wife very much, suddenly one day the Woman tied in such a way and saw blood in every part, then imagine what would have happened to that person. But even more terrible is that the person had no other way than to leave that woman in that situation at that time. Because the hopes of the people of the society were attached to him. That is why Gadapaani had to go even if he did not want. But perhaps with a promise that he will come. Jaymati kept looking at her husband.

After that day Jaymati had been enduring tortured for 6-7 days. The extent of ruthlessness has been exceeded. And after suffering persecution for 14 days, this great lady of Motherland Assam sacrifice her life in 1679. Endured the atrocities for 14 days but didn't say a single word about her husband. She also got a chance to talk to her husband but could not talk well. Because she was afraid that no one would see her husband. If something had happened to her husband, there was hardly anyone to save Assam from the hands of Lalukasola. Therefore, it was necessary for the husband to be alive. And That is why Jayamati endured all the atrocities and sacrificing her life for her husband and for the people of the society.

All were silent at the time of Jaymati's torture. His father, his brother did not raise any voice.
     According to Dutiram Hazarika, Jaymati also had a daughter, who was murdered at the behest of Loda Raja. On the other hand, according to Dr. Suryakumar Bhuya, Jaymati was pregnant at the time of death.

After the death of Sati Jaymati

Gadapaani comes to Jerrenga field with some Naga soldiers, but by then Jaymati is dead. Even he had not able to see the body of Jaymati. That was the last meeting of the two when Gadapaani came to meet in disguise.

Gadapaani becomes mad after Jaymati's death. He does not understand what to do. Fighting with Ahom was not so easy. He needed more soldiers. But at that time Gadapaani gets his brother-in-law Bandar Barphukan, who wants to fight with Loda Raja but did not able to courage himself to fight with Tyrannical king. Meet with Gadapaani he gets the courage to fight. Both of them plan what to do next. They arrange everything. Two years after the death of Jaymati, Lalapasola and Loda Raja are killed and in 1681 Gadapaani Raza is formed. And the name Ahom takes the name Suptapfaa and the Hindu name Gadadhar Singha. After that, all the traitors are punished mercilessly. Mughal, who occupied in Guwahati was very easily defeated by the Gadadhar Singha's Soldier in the War. Throughout the Mughal from Assam for the whole time. This was the final battle with Mughal. After this Mughal did not even dare to look towards Assam.

Memorial of Jaymati

After the Gaddapaani king, three tents were built as a memorial for the three Naga women who helped him, but it is a matter of great surprise that he didn't make any memorial of her wife Jaymati. Later on his son Lai, i.e. Rudra Singha  (1696-1714), builds a "Jayasagar tank" in memory of his mother in the form of a memorial on the same ground in 1697. In addition, in 1703-04, he also manufactures a large "Fakuwa Dol". If Rudra Singh had not kept his mother's memories alive, then Jaymati would have remained a fictional story today.

Celebrate Jaymati Day

Saluting Jaymati's sacrifice, the people of Assam have celebrated Jaymati Day on March 27 of every year and will always celebrate.

A Few Words for Phenomenal and patriotic Woman

How much a woman can bear, one cannot even imagine in a dream. People see a woman as a Mother, a woman as a daughter, a woman is a sister and a woman as a wife, but a woman can be a soldier who can scarifies her whole life for the people of her motherland without saying a single little word. This article is just a small contribution to those Phenomenal and patriotic Woman of our Motherland who sacrifices her whole life.

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